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Originally Posted by jtk View Post
any more details on this game? offense, defense, goalie play? i wasn't able to attend due to a prior conflict, and just know the score and mc nick scored late in the game.


Wasn't at the game just saw the score on line. Bentley scored both goals for McNick. I saw the McNick coach at my daughters game on Sunday. There were also several players there, The Rockets are a little beat up with the top 3 returning scorers out the first two games. One returned yesterday I believe. Two of the girls attending were on crutches with ACL's. He said his goal was to get healthy for the post season. They had a pretty good core returning but D2 teams can't lose too many players and remain playoff competitive just don't have the bench strength. MichaelPat may be able to provide more insight into the Mercy game.
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