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Originally Posted by Auggie View Post
As for JT Barrett... Don't ever under estimate the strength of a veteran QB in NCAA football. How many titles has 'Bama won with mediocre QBs under center? The key is along the lines and OL is where tOSU really struggled this year, they made many players look bad at tines. Kid was voted captain as a Soph so the players are big believers in him. I look forward to seeing him play another year in Columbus then probably becoming a coach and maybe some day running the show in Columbus.
I get the point on Barretts leadership and I accept it's a big factor. But, his inability to accurately throw the ball downfield is a real limitation and opening up the competition for QB is appropriate under the circumstances.

I do disagree with your statement that Bama won with "mediocre" QB's. McCarron is a solid NFL back-up QB who is likely to get a big contract and a shot at starting when his current contract is up. Playing in the NFL means he isn't "mediocre". The better example is Meyer's national title win with Tebow at QB. Now that's a mediocre QB! I suspect that Meyer looks at Barrett like he did Tebow placing a huge amount of value on locker room presence & "leadership".
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