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Originally Posted by ccrunner609 View Post
^^^a mix of both has to be the answer. THe ability to handle the pressure has to be mentioned. THat is something that starts day 1. The team culture, goals and expectations all play a part.

As for the science, having taken ex. phys. in college I feel like not using science based training sets a kid up for failure.

We do 2 things that are part of our system:

Taper 10% of mileage 3 weeks out and add anaerobic work in the form short bouts of speed at 1600 pace. We also add back LT work as overdistance.

2 weeks out we cut another 10% and continue the workouts....

Week 3 I will leave unsaid but over the past 24 years the taper that has been worked on between my team and a few others have about 25 state apearances in different divisions and dozens of district and league trophies.

So the "system" you employ is important.
I don't disagree. I have a master's degree in exercise physiology and I agree science is important. We have a scientific foundation, so to speak, when it comes to our training scheme, including tapering. I will say this, however: I think MANY people/coaches mis-employ the science and it gets them in some trouble. Misinterpreted science can be just as damaging, or more so, than knowing none at all and being a good, artistic coach.
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