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Originally Posted by ccrunner609 View Post
Well its taper time......anyone have real data or insight on this based on performances?
Over the past three seasons it's been hard to objectively determine the efficacy of our taper on our kids running at the state meet. I think there is just too much variability among them to really say if the taper worked or didn't. We do taper the last 14 days or so mainly because we (as coaches) believe in it. The idea of art vs science of coaching was touched on briefly in another thread recently and I think the taper is just as artistic as any other aspect of coaching. If we, as coaches, believe a taper is beneficial we need to convey that to our kids who are curious about it and get them to buy into it as well.

I think a kid's mentality heading into the post-season is the most important determining factor in their success and/or ability to rise up to the occasion. I think it's easier to objectively determine how well a taper works/worked at the college level and especially the elite level because those athletes already have a robust mentality and a thus that variable can be somewhat eliminated with more focus being put on the science of their physical limitations, etc.

Just my thoughts.

Here's to a great post-season for all!
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