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Obviously, those who are/were coaching at Barberton have contributed. Other: Sickler was a main stay at Barberton for decades. Naragon and Davis certainly have contributed to Barberton. Loeffler, I know, used to participate in Barbertons football camp, I am not sure if he still does. Hunter, Griffiths, Russo, Dimitroff and Mackovic all were Assistant Football Coaches for Barberton. Tammy Simmons is part of the Sports Hall of Fame Selection Commitee. Schembechler always recruited Barberton getting Larry Ricks and Chuck Rowland to play for him and he also recruited Robbie Robertson and Marcus McKinnie but didn't land them. Bo also gave Mackovic his first coaching position, grad assistant at Miami while Bo was the head coach there. He also brought Hunter with him to Michigan. Mackovic did the same while the head coach at Wake Forest bringing both Burnette and Strimel with him. Dave Cooper, who will be on the list shortly, is the President of the Barberton Sports Hall of Fame. That is off the top of my head, I am sure there are others.
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