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Originally Posted by BuckeyeVolleyball View Post
Jefdar, you might think the teams are down in Central Ohio but the player talents pool is there.
I have seen the following players play and have helped their team to successful starts to the season.
Watterson has two players helping them off to a good start in Jake Maziaz (SP) and Jack Brinkman.

Briggs has Justin Sharfenaker, saw him play against DeSales and Watterson where he had about 20 kills in both close matches. He is their go to guy.

Mt. Vernon has Spencer Stanley, who is getting it done in the middle.

Darby has 4 players playing well and are looking for another title in Noah Platfoot, who is such a great setter, Adam Ansel, Colin Buelow, and Dom Mechiorine (SP), who is playing awesome.

St. Charles is off to a hot start with Kevin Gallagher at Libero, Saw him play against Watterson and DeSales and he had about 20+ digs.

Olentangy is having a season to remember with Eric Gossat and Jamer Brunton

Olentangy Orange has two young players leaving their mark in Luke Little and Lawton Hinley

Jerome has a solid Libero in Tommy Pool

And Coffman has a setter in Jack Procter leading their way.

Other teams I have seen play and donít know players names are Davidson, Westerville Central and North.
Central Ohio has had the following teams ranked in the State Poll at some point this season
Olentangy, Darby, St. Charles, Briggs, Davidson, Mt. Vernon, DeSales, Watterson, Worthington Kilbourne, and Gahanna.
Going to be fun to watch, come tournament time in Central Ohio
You're not really making a good argument, here.
You basically just explained that the talent is very spread out the East region, which shows why the TEAM play has been down this year. So you're basically making Jefdar's point for him.

For example, I recently saw Briggs and Sharfenaker play. The kid can clearly ball, and I suspect with other decent-good players around him he would excel, but he has nothing around him, so any decent team can key on just stopping him and Briggs then falls apart. Also, he really only had two shots as an outisde hitter (as a lefty), but I could see him being great playing right side on a better team (club, for instance).

I suspect it is much of the same for several of the other teams listed - not enough talent on any 1 particular team this year.
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