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Now that the seaon is well underway I wanted to revisit some of my old predictions for D1 All State. This is what I had previously:

POY - Mikesch, Beavercreek
Pung, X
Huber, X
Daeschner, Elder
Walker, Northmont
Catanzaro, Ignatius
Buelow, Darby

2nd Team
Kiser, Moeller
Albers, Elder
Giller, Upper Arlington
Skerl, Centerville
Foy, Northmont
Burke, Gahanna
*TBD from North Region*

With the Mikesch injury, he will get bumped out. I'm not sure anyone else from Beavercreek gets a 1st team nod.
Pung has been outplayed by McCarthy and Huber at St X thus far.
Daeschner and Albers are far and away the standouts at Elder this year. One of them will be 1st team, one will be 2nd team.
Chris Kiser has been dominant for a thus far undefeated Moeller team. He could have competition from the 6 rotation players on his own team, Peed and Devolve.
The only other team I can speak to this year is Northmont. One of Foy or Walker will be 1st team. The other is likely 2nd team.
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