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Originally Posted by LEONARD View Post
Very glad to hear that Moeller is doing well financially and the Sycamore relationship has gotten better.

Sycamore schools has done a lot for Moeller over the years. I know we would get some of our books from them and I believe some of the support educators were Sycamore employees when I was there.

With everything else about shot down, Princeton? Sycamore just for varsity football?
There is simply no reason to try to scratch and claw to find 3 or 4 Friday or Saturday nights and pay a higher premium at Princeton or Sycamore, only to still have to rent out a second facility to play night games in your other sports. If Moeller tried that approach, why would Lockland even bother leasing their facility to Moeller for just a few lightly attended (relative to football) soccer and lacrosse games?
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