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Originally Posted by bluengoldblinders View Post
Thanks to everyone for the responses.

That A/C is way over do and fantastic news to know they’re growing the endowment and paying down debt.

As for stadium ideas, we have to fix that relationship with Sycamore. I don’t see any other strategic relationship more important then this. Whether it’s upgradng and playing at their current stadium or the possibility of a stadium at the Blue Ash Sports Complex, something has gotta give.

Anyone really know what the likelihood of a stadium in Blue Ash is? Where in the world would they put it? I was under the idea the complex was landlocked?
This is a very common misconception. The relationship between Moeller and Sycamore schools is amicable. The "bad blood" was over 15 years ago and both sides have long moved on. The issue with having a partnership with Sycamore to play at their stadium is very simple. There's only one stadium, and there would be way too many teams to accommodate. Think about it, just in the Fall you would have Sycamore football, boys' soccer, girls' soccer, & girls' field hockey. Moeller has football and soccer. That's six teams utilizing one facility to play home games and some of those teams practice there as well, and that's just the Varsity teams. Sycamore has JV teams that use that field as well. It's a logistical nightmare and nearly a scheduling impossibility. That's the reason it won't work with Sycamore. It has nothing do to with some acrimony from a decade and a half ago. Sure, maybe we'd find three of four open Friday nights to play a varsity football game there, but that's the exact situation we're in with Lockland now and Lockland is significantly cheaper.
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