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Originally Posted by JoeCool View Post
Brantley and Tomlin are back and I dont mind either being back. You can always use pitching and if Brantley can stay healthy that option will look cheap. I would like to bring Bruce back and maybe clear out some of the outfield. Chiz and almonte( please get rid of almonte) could go. My guess is they will keep Kip and go back to 2nd with Yandy going to the outfield if he breaks camp with the club. I also heard they were having Mejia play 3rd in the fall or winter league. Should be an interesting off season.

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Keeping Brantley while dumping Chiz makes little sense to me. Brantley is why you need Chiz.

Brantley is made of glass, and Chiz's bat has come around. He's actually become a decent corner OF.
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