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Originally Posted by IVCguy View Post
Hey, c'mon. I've been a Pirate fan for 25 years, but my nephew plays for Philly and I take a little offence to that. Lol.

Northwest is mediocre, but I will tell you this, they have some players on that team. I think they had 9 kids that went both ways, and they just pooped out in the 2nd half. Northwest controlled the ball the first half and kept the Philly offense on the sidelines. NW was unreal on 3rd down in the first half. NP helped them some with some penalties, but they made some ridiculous plays to keep drives going. NP only had 4 possessions and couldn't get into any kind of rhythm. That all changed in the 2nd half and Philly put them away, but I think you are misrepresenting NW and NP in your comments.

Interesting note: NW had a female kicker - Olivia something. I know other girls have played, but this was the first time it happened with me in attendance. She made 2 FGs in the first half.

Two issues came to mind: 1) What if there is a bad snap or a block and 600 pounds of mean came at her? 2) I hope no one slaps her on the rear end to congratulate her and a Title IX suit results. (They patted her on the helmet and shoulder pads, but old habits die hard. )

P.S. New Philly won 2 playoff games last year - with their 2nd, and then 3rd, string QBs. We didn't think they were world-beaters after one playoff game. That only came after winning the 2nd.

Nah i usually take and cheer on N.P their is just some quaker fans thinking they are all that, yes i am glad they finally won their playoff games. I wish all T County teams the best every yr. And Garaway's program is not their yet we shall see if my pirates can climb out of a 1-2 hole w/ a young team.
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