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Originally Posted by CardinalsFan View Post
No shame in a 5-7 record against a 3-time state champion with 3,000 boys and college level facilities.

One would have to ask why St. Xavier EVER loses to a school like Colerain? :shrug

St X would lose to colerain because they both partake in some rather shady recruitment techniques. In no way am I agreeing with these users and their Lakota east rabble rousing, however, I don't see why anybody would ever make an excuse for losing. Btw sick emoji
HER WE GO WITH THE Colerain RECRUITING a kid on this team that was "recruited". Just admit, the program is better than ANY other in the GMC, as good as any in the GCL and ANY other league in the state. The kids work their off to play on that team and to call them cheaters is absurd!!!
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