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Originally Posted by Comet Dad View Post
So, you'll argue what a great talent he is but then by your own admission his performance throughout the season was only average at best.
Where exactly did I claim "what a great talent" he is? I clearly stated that he likely got his 5* based on his measurables. (which, FWIW, are not the same as last year...that's patently false)

Pretty obvious that you're not doing very well when you have to resort to making sht up.

You clearly asked for statistics, which you were given. He was the #1 or #2 statistical defensive player in every game he played...including the defensive player of the game for both teams against the league champion. This, after supposedly "checking out when things go south" as you erroneously claimed.

If you want to count that as "average at best," I'm happy to let you run with that, Sport.

Originally Posted by Comet Dad View Post
I'd think he'd have a greater impact, but then I'm just a plumber.
See above. Plumber might even be a tad generous here.

Originally Posted by Comet Dad View Post
Give me Dan Bolden or a number of other LB's in the area over this lump any day!
Your opinion is noted. Rest assured that anyone would likely be happy to take him over anyone from Mason.

Originally Posted by Comet Dad View Post
My question is, what's he doing to your sister or daughter to warrant all the adoration?
Not sure how simply refuting your dumb claims is "adoration," but okay.

Can't for the life of me figure out why everyone thinks most Mason parents/fans are such idiots. Weird.
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