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Originally Posted by Arrogate View Post
Road record by year

2011/2012 7-8
2012/2013 6-9
2013/2014 4-9
2014/2015 7-10
2015/2016 8-3
2016/2017 4-8

so 5/6 years he has had a losing road record.
His road record during that time is 36-47.

Yeah they are road warriors.
all i said was that if you think all their road games are like Nova, where they're getting blown out, they're not.

and i was thinking more about league road games, which are true road games. i believe your "road record by year" include tournaments and even BE tourney games. either way, i went back and looked at league road games and took out the Nova game and here's what i found:

YEAR Record in BE road games Avg Loss in those (not nova game)
17-18 1-2 9
16-17 4-5 11.5
15-16 8-1 9
14-15 3-6 5.4
13-14 2-7 10.5

not really getting blown out by other teams in the league on road like we are against Nova.

that was my point.
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