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Originally Posted by College#19 View Post
Hambleton is a major D1 College prospect at QB. I think Ramsey is smart enough to understand this but he has to have some type of open QB challenge this early in the process. My bet is towards the middle or end of the season Hambleton will be the starting JV QB and maybe even dressing for Varsity.

I think he is one of the best QB prospects we have seen in Cincinnati in a long time. He has great speed, a strong arm, physically a bigger kid, and can make all of the plays you want to see from a QB. If Ramsey messes this up then he should be fired. It isn't too often you get a QB like this in your program.
Theres a lot of talk, hes done after his youngest graduates in 4 yrs. I cant imagine hed intentionally start his youngest over Hambleton out of nepotism. Hes not dumb, he knows even the dimmest of fans would see what hes doing.
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