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Originally Posted by adselder09 View Post
Well two of the top places he'll supposedly go to are Houston and Philly, in addition to LA. He immediately makes Houston better than GS. He immediately makes Philly better than Boston.
Houston ? It's tough to see him and Harden happy on the same team, unless they throw another ball out there.

LeBron isn't going to play until 41 unless it's as an NFL QB. Can he pass a football ? The list of teams that he'd want AND whose best already signed players want to take a back seat to him is not as easy to fill as one may think.

Philly ? Maybe, I guess. Simmons could benefit immensely from his presence, short term.

Another poster in here scoffed at me two years ago when I said LeBron should and would improve his shot from three. He has. He's still streaky, but his outside shot in the regular season has markedly improved.

If he does leave, it will be for a place where he can be "the Man" for a few more years before he transitions his role. Kyrie skipping out on him while he takes contracts a year at a time to max out his salary under the crazy NBA rules had to be an eye-opener. Other younger stars will feel the same way. Which other owners will happily play up so high into the luxury tax ? Putting all the special qualifications into a set of parameters really shortens the list of potential landing spots. LeBron kind of sucks up all the air in the room.

It could be quite a draft, even from #8. What could be had for Love and Hood ? It is encouraging to see that Tristan can truly "flip a switch" as a player. You guys can troll all you want or actually swallow all the Lebron is leaving click bait, which ever it is. I think he stays.