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Indians returned Brandon Guyer, he of the .150 batting average, to the active roster, and designated Melky Cabrera for assignment. The Melk Man was barely hitting .200 but he showed a knack for driving home teammates from third base. I wish the Tribe had held on to Melky and let Guyer go instead. Paul Hoynes hinted that the decision to keep Guyer came from the sabermetricians in the front office, that Tito wanted to keep Melky.

Tyler Naquin will be back sometime next week. Who will he replace? Greg Allen has gone into an offensive tailspin after a brief hot spell. Is it possible that Naquin could return to center field, where he played in 2016? Supposedly, he was a defensive liability but the Tribe won a pennant with Naquin in center. Right now, Naquin, Lonnie Chisenhall and Michael Brantley are the Tribe's three best offensive outfielders. I think that's the lineup we'll see, that is, until Zimmer has shown enough improvement as a hitter to warrant a return to the majors.

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