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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
Here is the issue I have with the current playoff system, and it's coming to fruition right before our eyes.
Anyone talking about the Cotton Bowl? There is very little chatter about this game. This is one of the major bowls, big payout, two historically great programs....but it's not enough for us anymore. We have to be in the championship for it to matter. So sad.
Well other than the UGA-OU thread started by DTP who happens to be a UGA fan, this is the only other bowl game that has its own thread. And it's on page 2, so there are at least 30 posts about it. The UGA-OU thread only has a handful of posts and there isn't a thread at all for the other Semifinal Bama/Clemson. So based on this CFB forum, it would appear you're wrong again Red.

Edit: there are now 59 posts on this game.
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