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Originally Posted by 111411 View Post

I hear there are even guys that count the clubs in someone else's bag.

I play for fun and to get out with the guys. Once it stops being fun, I stop playing.
I've played in some competitive leagues for the last 35 years, and there are always the "rules" guys. Clubs in the bag is one. Had a player who had an extra warm up swing club in his bag and his opponent called him out for a 2 stroke penalty for having more than 14 clubs in the bag. I hit Krank Drivers till about 5 years ago, and I'd be playing in a tourney, and either in the staging area or with whoever I was playing with, I'd be asked if the Drivers I used were legal. I was in a match play round on the 17th hole, ready to close out my opponent, and he asked me to move my ball mark. Which was nowhere near his putting line. Then he caused a distraction after he putted, and I then forgot to remark my ball, and as soon as I made contact he called a 2 stroke penalty on me. I had to hold myself back from btlsooh. I won the next hole, and he wanted to shake my hand, and I told him tgfh. I've had penalties called on me for having a corner of a laid club in a trap, for getting down on one knee to hit a shot, for not being behind a tee marker (there was only one marker). One time in match play I just missed a putt by an inch, and thinking that it was a given, swatted my ball away, and was told the putt had not been conceded. I've been scorecard disqualified in a tournament for not having the attest signature on the scorecard. I'm getting older and don't usually enjoy playing with people I don't know anymore. Much rather play with people I like, in a foursome.
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