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Originally Posted by Arrogate View Post
Do you receive a Christmas Bonus? Or if you own a company do you give one out? Does everyone get around the same?

I find it funny how some people feel they are entitled to one or think they should have gotten more. My boss gives everyone an extra paycheck for that week, whatever your salary is. Not sure how he does it with hourly workers. I think that's more than fair.

Some people were upset that it isn't fair some get more than others depending on their salary. Curious if others have any weird work place drama because of Xmas bonuses
Arrogate, this is a no win situation for the employer. You do it once, and people expect it every year, regardless of how the company performs. Many people are so narrow minded and just never see the big picture. I'm sure many companies can offer a bonus at the end of the year, not necessarily a Christmas bonus, but because it's at the end of the year it gets labeled as one. But companies can get a tax break if they give that money to employees, it's going to get taxed anyway. Remember that insane notion that companies and the wealthy don't pay their fair share of taxes???
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