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UC expects results for sure. A careful look at the numbers show there is a pattern. If you go back to BSU when she took over and won 2 MAC titles (with roster and recruits from exiting coach) and then left (before her recruits were involved) and then took over UC and her best 2 years guessed right - her first 2 years with another coach's recruits. Now with a full roster of "her" kids, we have very average results.

Added talking points when she is let go:

-treatment of assistant coaches, blame game, no loyalty
-treatment of kids - just ask recent grads or even some current players
-ethical issues related to club involvement, coaching/training recruits, pushing recruits to switch clubs at u18 etc....

Must be a ton of pressure to cause the current situaiton.

Time for a change. Feel sorry for the local recruits who will see a new coach.
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