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I'm beating a dead horse here but so be it.

The UC women were thoroughly waxed again over the weekend. A 4-1 loss to USF on Friday and a 5-0 loss to Marquette on Sunday. They are now 1-7-0 over their last 8 games and have been outscored in those games by a 25 GA to 4 GF margin.

I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Playing in Florida on Friday night and at Marquette on Sunday makes a team a little road weary. They also have some injuries. Even so, this is a bad trend. Other teams face the challenges of road travel and injuries and seem to do a little better job of managing those issues. Again, it's a dead horse, but this goes back to the leadership of the team. Her leash should be shortened. I hope she is updating the resume.
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