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Originally Posted by cvctrackfan View Post
It news to us this year Slippery because it just doesn’t happen here. We often can get the fringe athletes out but not the blue chippers. We don’t have wrestling here at Gilmour. But, we do have a Prep Hockey boy’s team, a Prep Hockey Girls team, A Varsity A boy’s team, and a Varsity B boy’s team...that’s a lot of hockey for a school this side. And it’s rare that any of them step foot on the track. We do have an outstanding girl middle distance runner transfer who is playing hockey at Miami in the fall.
I know how it is. We’ve had years where our baseball team could’ve fielded a faster 4x1 than our track team. My point is it should come as no shock that a good athlete can help another sport’s team. Good athletes are good athletes no matter the sport. For example, St. Thomas grad Jacob Paul plays hoops at Mt. Vernon Nazarene. He also still runs under 2:00 in the 800 without doing any training beyond outdoor track season. Straight athleticism, homey!
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