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The value of Multi-sport Athletes

This years Gilmour boys and girls might not be the best teams we have ever had. But, Multi Sport Athletes have made us a much better then we would have been without them.

Anika Corcoran Long jump 16-11.25 sprinter....starting B.B. point guard

CJ Charleston Long Jump 22-05 sprinter basketball Starting point guard and football wideout

Andre Rodgers 21-9. 100 meters 11.2 200 22.8 JV basketball

Madeline Finotti Long jump 16-00 hurdler JV basketball

The reason Im bringing this up is because of the value of multi-sport athletes running track and field. We have always had soccer players running on our XC teams. And a (few) football players. Now we have to work on the hockey and volleyball teams.
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