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Originally Posted by ProV1 View Post
You say Ed's and Blair are very different and then just point to senior transfers as the only difference? They are far more similar than different. Both are expensive private institutions. Both enroll students from a broad geography and both accept transfers. Both have elite wrestling programs with a rich tradition. The fact that one may recruit from a bit larger geography or accept an upper class transfer, does not make it a different animal. It is a slight variation of the same thing.
Ed's can't legally recruit* while Blair can. That's a big difference. And Blair, with boarding, costs about $60k to Ed's (no boarding) about $15k (that's a guess). With open enrollment in Ohio, Ed's is no different than SPG or other high profile teams. And SPG, while a D2 school, has beaten Ed's more often than not in the Jordan era, so Ed's can't claim the title of The Evil Empire.

*Quality programs likes Ed's and SPG attract top level athletes. They don't have to break the OHSAA recruiting rules.
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