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Originally Posted by CuriousGeorge1 View Post
I have never heard St. Edward referred to as the "evil empire." Not in Ohio or anywhere else. Sure some DI schools have some animosity and I have heard Massilion Perry Alums and supporters refer to themselves as the Public School State Champions. I have also heard St. Edward called the Cleveland All Stars. That is about it though. The reality is St. Edward does a tremendous amount for the Ohio wrestling community and most people appreciate the effort. Also, other programs around the State have been much more flagrant in the courting of transfers and future wrestlers than in the past. I won't call out any programs by name, but it has largely helped to boost the perception of St. Edward around the State. Sure, they are still really good and people like to root against the good teams and root for underdogs, but most people recognize that St. Edward does things the right way.

Where as I have heard Blair called all sorts of negative things. Mostly all completely undeserved. I should point out that this is not by St. Edward people, who in my experience respect Blair a lot. In fact, I would say the most negative comments I have ever heard about Blair came from people in Minnesota. They had some harsh commentary about Blair and the "evil empire" moniker would have just scratched the surface. Personally, I don't love the endless stream of transfers Blair gets, but they follow the rules of their organization, provide an excellent academic foundation, and are never or very rarely caught up in scandals despite the number of high profile transfers they take it. That to me is very impressive.

St. Edward and Blair are very different. St. Edward has never taken a Senior transfer in the history of the program. Where as Blair routinely gets multiple transfers, often Seniors, every off season. Both are obviously very successful with their respective methodologies to building a team. St. Edward surely wouldn't turn away a stud wrestler who wanted to transfer to St. Edward as a Sophomore. We just don't see that happen as much at St. Edward.
You say Ed's and Blair are very different and then just point to senior transfers as the only difference? They are far more similar than different. Both are expensive private institutions. Both enroll students from a broad geography and both accept transfers. Both have elite wrestling programs with a rich tradition. The fact that one may recruit from a bit larger geography or accept an upper class transfer, does not make it a different animal. It is a slight variation of the same thing.
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