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Originally Posted by Jim Lahey View Post
Either you're a good coach or CatAlum sucks. I'm leaning towards a combo.

But this has been discussed countless times. 1) It's a major mental thing. I'll look for it in a minute but I remember seeing inside the Lakers locker room the number of FT attempted and made in practice and Dwight Howard was hitting about 83%.

Also, the docking pay for missed free throws? That's dumb. Most big men aren't paid to shoot. They are there for their post moves, defense and rebounding. Would you dock pay for a cornerbacks pay for dropped INT? Nah, because he isn't paid to catch the ball.
If a corner back dropped 60% of the INTs then yes, I would. That becomes a detriment to the team. I agree that big men aren't paid to shoot...jumpers. But all basketball players, especially professionals, should be able to shoot a reasonable percentage from the FREE throw line.
A foot doctor isn't paid to do heart surgery, but I bet they can still take a blood pressure reading. Some things are expected within your profession whether or not you "specialize" in them. Professional basketball players that are paid multi millions of dollars should be able to make 6 out of 10 free throws over the course of a season. Period.
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