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Originally Posted by Zezzo! View Post
Allen, Good not great college player very overrated as a pro-prospect. He won't be able to get to the basket off the dribble or he doesn't shoot consistent enough from the field to be successful on the next level. He, like most Duke players, once they get to the NBA will not be heard from again however Luke Kennard will be a solid player on the next level and one of the more successful pro-players to come out of Duke.
I actually agree with you. Kennard is a better prospect than Allen because his overall game is a step above Allen. Allen is more athletic and can get to the basket better (maybe not better) but like you said, it wont work in the NBA. He will be swatted 9 out of 10 times.

Hold your breathe when I say this because some may laugh.. Let me be clear, I am not saying he will be this good.. But his game reminds me of Chris Mullin. Again, reminds me. I'm not comparing him to a hall of famer skill wise.
I think Kennard can be a solid piece to a team and chip in 10-15 points in the Nba.
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