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Originally Posted by domi View Post
Please explain how Trump has created jobs and how those new jobs numbers compare to the first ten months of last year.
Obama left Trump a stalled economy. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. In fact it looked to be spinning its wheels as it slowly declined. You asked what has Trump done to stimulate the economy since taking over:

* Trump has enacted a number of executive orders that have strengthened the economy around ENERGY production & usage. His formal abandonment of the Paris Climate accord combined with his clearing the way for oil & natural gas pipeline development has accomplished two critical things: 1) triggered hiring by the energy industry & 2) Provided price and availability stability in energy going forward. #2 is especially critical to the manufacturing resurgence we're seeing.

* Trump has removed and/or simplified numerous federal regulations that were acting as a drag on the economy. These moves have resulted in real manufacturing gains and a strong sense of OPTIMISM by business in the US. OPTIMISM is one of the most important dynamics an economy can have. These in turn have led to a solid growth in jobs versus Obama's time in office.

* Real GDP appears to have moved up significantly since Trump took office largely based on the first two items listed above. There is a very real possibility that either this year or next year the US will see GDP growth of 3% or greater for a one year period. Something that the Obama administration NEVER achieved.

* Trump's aggressive push for corporate tax cuts has acted to stimulate business spending & hiring. If the GOP can make good on their promise look for even better job & GDP gains next year.

* Trump's immigration policies have created a higher demand for workers with some real gains in job creation & income. While this has resulted in some inflationary pressures, inflation remains low and we may be entering a virtuous cycle of job gains & income increases all with low inflation. As an aside, Hispanic unemployment has dropped to its lowest level ever. If this persists we may say a sea change in voting patterns as Hispanics move towards Trump in 2020.
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