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Originally Posted by mslyman View Post
Personally I'm against the shorts and compression shirt at the high school level. Sure it might bring in another kid or two here and there but if you're not willing to wear a singlet then are you really a wrestler? It takes different mindset than most high school kids to be successful at wrestling and if you're willing to let a singlet hold you back then I think you'll let a lot of other excuses pop up too.

That being said however, I am a huge fan of it at the middle school and under age groups for getting kids started in the sport. I think at the younger age groups it will definitely foster a growth in numbers. Then once you get to high school and start "wrestling with the big boys" then wear a singlet. I think it's a trademark of the sport that shouldn't be lost.
I dont agree with you fully (I think it should be at least an option at all levels) but I do agree the younger the age group the more it will help with "growing numbers". I also can understand the sentiment of the singlet being a trademark or the sport.

I grew up in a singlet - and I hated it. I wore it because I had to, but if I was given the option I most certainly would have worn the two piece from the time I started in 2nd grade to college. I don't think because someone dislikes the uniform it automatically makes them any less equipped to be successful in the sport. I do think there are cool singlet designs and everything, and its not like the singlet is the worst thing in the world - I just think it's time the sport start to evolve in this particular aspect.
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