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Originally Posted by jackson03 View Post
Per WHBC and Q92 broadcasts, Kremer ran up to the refs right after this and they wouldn't even speak to him. Whatever he wanted, the refs had no interest in talking to him at all. Maybe he spent his capital. They were pissed about something, that's for sure!

Still laughing about the "cost Moeller a championship" crap in here. How does a team that never led after the first quarter get robbed? Best case scenario for Moeller is if you take away the Young foul, you get to go to OT. 2.8 seconds left? C'mon. Jackson could have easily won it in the overtime period too. Fact is, a township school with a talent pool of 40,000 beat a private school with a talent pool of over a million. Too bad!
Yep, they had listened to him and moan all game and probably had zero interest in listening to it anymore. And you are right, it sure didn't "cost" them the game but I'm glad they made the correct call.
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