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Moe gets bit by coach ordered intentional foul

So Moeller trails 37-36 with under a minute to play and Massillon Jackson has the ball and is trying to hold on for the win. What usually happens in this situation is the trailing team goes for a steal and if they canít get one they have to foul and send the other team to the line and hope they miss their free throws.

So what does Moeller Head Coach Carl Kremer do? Tries to pull one of his crap moves and foul the other teamís bad free throw shooter off the ball. The clock is running down under a minute and the Jackson guard has the ball out near mid-court. Kremer and one of his assistants are both standing up near the top of the coaching box frantically signaling for one of his players to foul No. 41. The only problem is No. 41, Jacksonís Logan Hill, is way down in the corner baseline in front of Jacksonís bench just standing there. Moellerís Jaxson Hayes starts pushing his chest up against Hill and rides him all the way out of bounds right into the Jackson bench. Kremer gets what he wants, a foul, a BIG FAT INTENTIONAL FOUL with 49 seconds left. His little trick that he has done before and the GCL refs never call, backfires right in his face. Hill makes one free throw and after a nice defensive play by Moe, they get the ball back down two. Moe ties it with two free throws with 23 seconds left. Jacksonís Kyle Young gets fouled going to the basket and hits a free throw with 3 seconds left for a one point lead. He misses the second and Moe calls a timeout. A desperation three at the buzzer misses and Jackson wins by one point. Where did that one point come from, THE INTENTIONAL FOUL.

I love it. It was absolutely the right call and he has gotten away with this tactic before. This time the ref made the right call. Maybe the ref wouldnít have called it if Kremer hadnít been complaining and whining to the refs all game. Who knows, maybe they still would have as it was the right call. Just coach the game right and foul the guy with the ball. This time it backfired and I am glad it did. Congrats Jackson on a well-deserved win and state title.
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