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Originally Posted by firewatch View Post
Right here is the sleezy part. Little Leo the computer whiz kid had to pay full tuition, But a star QB pays peanuts because of Booster footing the bill.
No sh*t, but luckily for the computer whiz's of the world the tables generally tend to turn in their favor in about 10 years money wise. Especially if this QB does not turn his athletic scholarship into an education that can provide a decent living.

I am sure he was given a scholarship purely and only for his leadership qualities LOL.

Wonder how he will take to LaSalle. From a large public school to school to a school with 1000 boys and under. I wonder if LS still drug tests. Not trying to say that this would be an issue what so ever for this young man but pointing to the fact that I am sure LS will be a much "tighter ship".
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