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Originally Posted by BlueBomber94 View Post
I would love nothing more than to have Big Moe blow St. Eds up. However, St. Ignatius has been overrated all year and hadn't really played anybody until they met with all 3 GCL teams. They got lucky against Elder, the got lit up by Moe and will be slammed by St. X tomorrow.

St. Eds is a different story. As much as I would love to see you guys annihilate them, I don't see it happening. They are 8-0 and defeated Elder 40-7. If St. X can get past Colerain in the playoffs and make it to the finals to meet St. Eds, I don't know if X could even take them.

Good luck! Never thought I'd say this...GO BIG MOE!!!
Hopefully we can be competitive if they can run well with thurman inside with the occasional sweep/screen with Kahyo. Mix in some play action to bates. Keep it simple for the reserve "qb". Hold onto the ball. Run the clock. Shorten the game.
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