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Originally Posted by HHSCoach View Post
The setup

Wrestler A is on top with both legs in but is high. Wrestler B reaches up- grabs his head and pulls him under. Wrestler A is going to his back - Wrestler B locks his hands as he pulls wrestler A to the mat.

Scenario 1- The legs of Wrestler A stay in as he is on his back- whats the call?

Scenario 2- The legs of Wrestler A come out and he flips over wrestler B- whats the call?

Nothing changes with Wrestler B's lock
There are too many variables to be able to decide without seeing it but, if I understand you correctly, wrestler B is the defensive wrestler?

If so, wrestler B can lock his hands all he wants with no penalty. If wrestler A is on his back for 2 seconds, it is a fall. The control (whether legs are in or not) does not matter in this case. However it sounds like an all or nothing move. If he is not held with shoulders in contact for 2 seconds, there likely is no change in control.
Look at Rule 7-1-5d or the picture on page 69 of the rule book.

In the second situation, depending on how they end up, it could be an escape, a reversal, or no change if wrestler A gets the control back.

Wrestling is very fluid (never static for long) so you wait to see how the situation ends up.

Hope this helps.

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