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[QUOTE=jmog;7006243]1 min left, wrestler A is down 4-2 and gets a TD to tie.

30 sec left as wrestler B nearly gets to his feet wrester A letís him.

Wrestler B jogs away from wrestler A at least 10 feet toward center but never faces. (RIGHT NOW STALLING SHOULD BE CALLED on B)

Ref gives escape. (Correct call)

Wrestler A attacks, gets TD and rides out for a 6-5 win.

After time runs out THEN opposing coach goes to table. After 5 min of discussion.

The ref reverses the escape/TD and they reset the clock with :24 sec left.

But they only erased the TD, start them on their feet with wrestler B up 5-4 which is the final score.

Can you change a call that happened 30 seconds ďagoĒ and reset the clock after time had run out? On top of it how do they award the escape but not the TD?

Can't comment much more than what I added in the quote above. Was "bad time" called? Need more info. on the rationale of the reversal of the call.
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