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I think adding the multiplier plus perhaps exploring the possibility of making DI an "open" division solves most of the problems with the current system. Splitting would be the worst possible solution, IMO.

I disagree that urban schools would roll everyone if a split were to happen, especially in the lower divisions. Outside of Dunbar, what lower division urban public has consistently won under the current system? In the NW district, the TCL schools in D2 routinely lose to the rural schools at the sectional and district levels. The Ottawa-Glandorfs, Lincolnviews, Archbolds and Fort Loramies from the rural area between Dayton and Toledo (think MAC, WBL, SCAL, NWOAL, NWC and BVC schools) that consistently make deep runs and occasionally win in the current system would more often than not win the lower divisions in a hypothetical publics only tournament.
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