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Originally Posted by Bethere View Post
Who was the lucky guy who 'guarded' austin carr that day?

I think the answer that comes to mind first on who was guarding Austin Carr when he dropped 61 on the Ohio U. Bobcats in the 1970 NCAA tournament was "no one" was guarding him !

Officially though, OU's starting guards were John Canine and Ken Kowell and along with subs Gary Wolfe,Tom Corde and Larry Hunter those 5 guards all were responsible for Carr's output that day back in 1970.

What many don't realize was the fact those 61 points were before the 3 point play was in effect. Austin was 25 of 44 in fg's and 11 of 14 from the foul line.

Aside from Carr's record setting game during the era of the 3M boys 68-69 in particular with Pete Maravich, Rick Mount, and Calvin Murphy all those unbelievable scoring totals from those guards were set without a single trey.
One can only imagine what they would have averaged with the 3 point line.

Also sometime check out what Austin Carr "averaged" in NCAA tournament play.

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