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Originally Posted by Monclova Steve View Post
#5 is Claire Bee!

I still remember reading (actually scarfing) down every one of those I could find at my local library. Chip was my hero!
Great job, Monclova Steve! "JB" alluded to the correct answer, but you nailed it:
#5 Clair Bee, Long Island University

Here's the FINAL update on this most recent trivia quiz:

1. What former D-I head basketball coach was: (1) a high school teammate of Lew Alcindor, (2) a member of Al McGuire's first recruiting class at Marquette and (3) served in Vietnam with the Marines?
DANNY NEE, Ohio U, Nebraska, Robert Morris and Duquesne (MontetheCarlo)

2. What is the nickname for the basketball arena at the University of New Mexico?
"THE PIT", WisePies Arena (Mr. Slippery)

3. I am the all-time leading scorer at my high school in Ohio and once scored 61 points in one game. I was the leading scorer for Ohio State in the 1962 NCAA championship game. I was a consensus All-American at Ohio State, but actually attended Kentucky first (I spent two days in Lexington). I was a first round draft pick in the NBA draft after being named College "Player of the Year". Who Am I?
GARY BRADDS with 15 points vs. Cincinnati (Bethere)

4. Who was the Duke player who threw the in-bounds pass on Christian Laettner's famous last-second shot vs. Kentucky in 1992?
GRANT HILL (Mr. Slippery)

5. What member of the Basketball Hall of Fame is just as famous for writing a series of children's books (the Chip Hilton series) as he was for coaching hoops?
CLAIR BEE, Long Island University (Monclova Steve)

6. Who was the coach of the team known as "Phi Slama Jama"?
Guy Lewis, Houston Cougars (Zunardo)

7. I was a college All-American and a five-time NBA all-star. I chose my athletic number, however, because of my admiration for "The King of NASCAR". Who Am I?
BRAD DAUGHERTY, #43 UNC & Cleveland Cavs (Mr. Slippery)

8. Who was the first player in NCAA tournament history to score 50 or more points three times?
Austin Carr, Notre Dame - 61 and 52 in 1970 and 52 points in 1971 (tomcat)

9. One of the finest players in Duke history, I was an All-American and College "Player of the Year". I was named the Most Outstanding Player in the Final Four, although the Blue Devils did not win the championship. I was the #1 pick in the NBA draft and made the All-Rookie team. Within three seasons, I was out of the league and played in the ABA. Who Am I?
ART HEYMANN (coldshoulder)

10. 1969 and 1970 were outstanding years for high-scoring guards. "Pistol Pete" Maravich scored more points than any other college player over those two seasons (2529 pts.). Two other hot-shooting guards were Purdue’s Rick Mount (1740 pts.) and Niagara’s Calvin Murphy (1632 pts.). Name a college guard who led the nation in free throw shooting, scored 69 points in a single game and scored more points than either Mount or Murphy over those two seasons.
JOHN RINKA, Kenyon College, 1824 points (JB)

11. What former NCAA Championship coach also played MLB?
FRED TAYLOR, Ohio State - NCAA champs '60; Washington Senators (JB)

12. Marvin Wood, the coach Gene Hackman portrayed in the movie "Hoosiers", served as a junior high school coach at a Cleveland area school in his last coaching position. Name the school.

13. Before his father, Press, got the head coaching job at LSU, what college did "Pistol Pete" Maravich plan to attend?

14. This player from the 1960's is the only person to play on a championship team in college (D-I), the ABA, and NBA. Name the player and his championship teams.
TOM THACKER - University of Cincinnati ('61, '62); Indiana Pacers ('70); Boston Celtics ('63, '64, '65, '66, '68) - (JB)

15. Who was the starting center for UCLA between Lew Alcindor (1967-69) and Bill Walton (1972-74)?
STEVE PATTERSON, 1970-72 (Bethere)


A. I made the NCAA All-Tournament basketball team in 1961 as my college defeated Jerry Lucas' Ohio State Buckeyes for the NCAA title. I also played in a major league baseball game the same calendar year. I'm the only person ever to accomplish this feat. Who Am I?
CARL BOULDIN, UC and the Washington Senators (Frank Underwood)

B. On August 28, 1963, as Dr. Martin Luther King waved goodbye to an audience of over 200,000 "March on Washington" participants, he handed a future Division I basketball coach the original typewritten "I Have a Dream" speech". Name the coach.
George Raveling - Washington State, Iowa, USC (tomcat)

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