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Really enjoy reading all the different opinions about the Big One...

My takes...
Really wasting McConnell in the morings, his strength is interacting with callers. Really need to put him into the 9-12 slot.

Don't listen to Sloanie. Used to listen to Willie more, but not as much now.

Eddie and Tracy are ok in small doses.

Big Lance and Mo fans, I think WLW's sports group is the best ever, and I liked Trumpy/ Collinsworth/ Furman. Lance is just a great guy, family man, sees sports from the fans perspective. Mo is a little rougher but still grass roots. I don't get how anyone can criticize McCallister. Proves you don't have to be butthole to be a sports talk show host.

I like Rocky Boiman, he'll be a nice addition to either Willie's spot or Sloanie, which ever leave first. Rock's conservative and backs it up in a strong way. He's not a dumb jock.

Weekends, I simply can't believe anyone can stand Ken Broo?? He comes across as a know it all, but has little facts to back up his opinion. And his music history is mind numbing...zzzzzzz....zzzzzz... I gotta think they simply can't get anyone else to do those weekend shifts.

Echoing some other thoughts, yes, way too many commercials, but that's what pays the bills. If you're not from the area, they constant traffic updates are useless and waste valuable radio time. They always want people to call in, but it's generally a minumum 20-30 minutes wait because 12 of those 20 minutes is commercials.
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