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Originally Posted by PantherVOR View Post
Ken Broo weekend shows are great.

Mike McConnell needs to go back to 9-noon, he was a champion in that slot. 5am-9am has too much structured programming for him be great again.

Not a Sloane fan.

Cunningham I can take when he has an actual topic to do, when he doesn't it's generally garbage.

Fingers and Jones are terrible, I know it's all shtick but it's not good shtick. Not surprised the clones are fans.

Lance is a whiner, not what I want in a sports talk host so I rarely listen.

Boiman, mehhhh. They should give him a shot at sports talk but his other responsibilities prohibit that.

Many of the 4 hour time slots are just 2 hours because they repeat the 1st two in the 2nd two.

The news department used to be great. They would actually do investigative news and break news stories. They have pretty much been reduced to reading Enquirer stories every 30 minute minutes (over and over again)

WLW is a shell of what it was in its glory days of the '80s and '90s.
What he said.

Cunningham's radio show really suffered while he was doing his TV show. Too much of his show on WLW was either recorded interviews from his Sunday night national show or the same boring guests over and over again. Things have gotten a little bit better now that he's solely on the radio. He's at his best when talking to guests like Joe "TNT" Deters, Mike Allen, or other lawyers.
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