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But whose celebration do you take away, they all meant something to someone. It was either from a player playing and scoring in their first World Cup (the dreams come true that Morgan mentioned) or they were from players achieving historic and lasting records (Lloyd's continued streak in what could be her last WC and Morgan's five tying the most in one game). I didn't like seeing Morgan count off her goals on her fingers after the 4th, if anything I think she could stand to take some heat for that. And I didn't care for Rapinoe's knee slide but honestly she is all about the fight for equal pay to the men right now and will do anything to bring up the comparison, and how many times have we seen Ronaldo do that so that was likely her plan all along, regardless of whether she'd scored early or late. I don't think they all the bad press is warranted but agree that I saw some things I didn't like. The Thai coach didn't comment on the celebrating but did comment that they had no issue with the goals, they knew the disparity coming in, and they appreciated the encouragement to their players after the game by the US players (Lloyd and Morgan in particular). The announcers also commented early in that this could be a high scoring game because the Thai GK is most skilled playing way off her line and she would be very much out of her element not being able to do that all game with the USA.
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