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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
But here's the elixir...they guys they add WORK in their system. They don't bring in bad apples. Durrant, while a great player, fits in their motion game passing scheme. Don't know yet on Cousins, but the thing he does do is space the floor even more for Curry and Thompson.

I would say most NBA teams have 5 pretty good players that start. The difference is if they have a super star, and what kind of bench they have. NBA games are so long, that you can't win without at least a decent bench. The Warriors and the Spurs have been the two long term dynasty type teams over the last 20-25 years, and they play team basketball.
I literally said they succeed because of their star players AND their system. The system is great and sure they play like a team, but they win because of their stars/talent. Plug in 5 other guys into the system, say one All Star and one former All Star and 3 role players - it isn't remotely the same. They don't win each of the last 2 championships without adding Durant.