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Originally Posted by steelboot View Post
I agree with your comments to some extent. To me the greed factor has a firm grip on Club Directors and/or coaches. This is why cincinnatisoccerfan, BL, and I committed to keeping costs down for all of our parents by essentially "volunteering" our time to train/coach. Additionally we sponsored (paid their fees and bought them uniforms) several players over the years that otherwise would not have been able to afford to play. Funny thing is we were far more successful during the three big years at U16 (State Cup Finalists), U17 (State Cup Semi-Finalists), and U18 (Finished 5th) than the high paid coaches from THAT Club in the area. In fact THAT Club actually offered me a job (paid) between the U16 and U17 seasons (which I declined). So bottom line is money doesn't necessarily buy you better training or coaching.
I agree with that 100%.

It's awesome that you all have that option down there.

Bigger picture though, US Soccer needs to fund that kind of thing everywhere.
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