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Originally Posted by sebbyb View Post

...and Chile at #9 did not make the World Cup. They have 2 of the top players in the world on that team. Argentina was behind in their final qualifying game and it took a hat tick from Messi to get them qualified.
Everything that could have gone wrong on the final day of qualifying, DID.
It's soccer, it happens.
US soccer never has been and never will be able to compete at the very highest level. Accept it, it's not going to change.
Accept it? That's pretty pitiful.

Granted, the 5 ranking in 2006 was inflated. But, how hard is it to believe that USMNT can compete at the highest levels? The 2009 Confederations Cup was a glimpse of what could happen.

Many countries would LOVE to have our success in the last 5 World Cups. I believe there have only been 7-8 countries advancing in knockout rounds of these World Cups and USMNT is in there. USMNT is tied for the 3rd longest streak of World Cups qualified for (7, and unfortunately ended).

It would be great to get over the hump. There's only been 8 countries that have won a World Cup. There are 211 national federations in FIFA. All countries that have won a World Cup border another World Cup winner -- if it's okay to include England who's only separated by a little water from their neighboring winner.

It's an uphill climb. I wish there were more changes to increase the USMNT odds of being more successful. As hard as I am on USSF, we have done okay...even with being held back by our own leadership.
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