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Originally Posted by Don Flamenco View Post
Best recruiting class I've seen UC land. I agree with Termite. For UC this has to be an A+. Getting Thomas and Taylor on signing day was absolutely huge.

It looks like they have one more scholarship left and will use it on a grad transfer either at QB or on the OL. I'd love to see them get someone like Joe Burrow if he does end up leaving OSU. UC desperately needs a legit starting QB for next season.
I am not the biggest Hayden Moore fan, but in fairness to him he had nobody to throw to last year. That was by far the slowest Bearcat team I have ever seen. All things being equal, I don't see the Burrow kid being that much of an upgrade. I would prefer an athletic run pass option guy like Collaros, Munchie, or Mauk. Regardless, they need to surround him with some weapons. I think Fickell has got things headed in the right direction.
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