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Originally Posted by OHFball10 View Post
This pic shows a good aerial before/after look of the field. It will definitely be nice for many students this year (football, soccer, band, etc.). As for the fans, they'll still be crammed onto the crappy bleachers Tipp has had for a long time until they get more donations.

One benefit to Tipp's facility will be the fans being closer to the field. At most high school stadiums, they have a track surrounding the field, which pushes the bleachers farther back. Once the new grandstand it built, fans should have a much closer/better view of the action compared to places like Piqua/Troy/Butler, simply because they will be closer.

Shame they had to remove the old oak tree that shows up pretty much dead center behind the north goal in the before picture. I gathered acorns from that tree a few years back and have some nice small oak trees started from it. Did not know at that time it was soon to be euthanized.
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