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Originally Posted by fridayguru View Post
Can you name one statistical category Minster won? Just curious. I believe they lost the "flags against" category too. I will say this. They won in least amount of fans to show up for a game. The tape from Hudl shows a deplorable amount of people in the crowd compared to the Crestview side.
The only thing that Crestview really led in was rushing yds, and some of the things that would be related to a strong running game(# of plays, TOP, etc). Total yds for the game was fairly even. They were only separated by 37. First downs were only 23-20 in favor of Crestview.
Misnter led in passing related categories, and the most important one, points scored. Minster also led in extra points made. How big were the missed and blocked PATs? They also had more sacks, net yds per kickoff, and yds per play.

From the game that I watched, I think both teams got away with penalties. On Crestview's 1st, or 2nd TD, the receiver appeared to get away with a push off, creating separation in the back of the endzone. There were holding calls that could have been called against Crestview as well. So don't act like Minster got away with robbery.

From watching games for the past few years, it seems that in the playoffs, the refs tend to swallow their whistles when it comes to holding. It has to be pretty blatant to get called.

Did Crestview play well enough to win? Not on that night, but maybe on different night. Some could argue that Minster tried to give the game away with the pick 6. Crestview was definitely better than Minster for about 2-1/2 qtrs. Unfortunately for them, they play 4 qtrs in a game. Minster outscored them 22-6 in the last 17 minutes.
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