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Lol. Good one with the sources. Mine are legit. Seriously though, I have no skin in this game besides disliking Minster and after all the banter, I would figure you were above calling kids and coaches names. Kids read these boards right? And you call kids cheaters?

All I know is this.....I would hate to be Minster's staff and hear that people were on message boards calling Crestview cheaters. Talking about something that will be put in locker rooms for a year while they prepare for next year's playoffs. Incentive to win will be UREAL.

I agree statechamp. Those two kids looked lights out. Have to be one of the favorites. From what I do know, Minster and the Jays graduate some very talented seniors. Not sure what Crestview graduates but if their studs are back, they can build around them. Without knowing the other side of the state as well, I cannot make conclusions. But if that NWC school can compete with the MAC with juniors, I would say they will compete as seniors.
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