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I mean seriously- how much do you (and others) know about where a Catholic high school draws from? Moeller's freshman class is around 240 boys. Most catholic elementary schools have at most (many have way less a couple have more) 50 kids in 8th grade assuming half are boys, that's 25. The largest amount of boys from any one elementary school that I have seen come to Moeller is around a dozen with most having less. So let's assume 8 per grade school that means you would need boys coming from 30 grade schools just to fill the freshman class.
Our public jr high has 600 kids. There are 2 of them that feed into the high school.
I just don't think people realize the sheer numbers of students it takes from all over just to keep the numbers up. I know many families in Loveland/Mason/Anderson whose parents went to Elder/McAuley/X etc who want their kids to be apart of their legacy. Are there a few that chose these schools with no family connection primarily for sport? Absolutely, but there isn't a school that would turn them down if they meet the entrance requirements.
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